Orange County Divorce FAQ

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5 Ways Of Choosing The Best Orange County Divorce Lawyer

List of California Family Law frequently asked questions in divorce cases

Orange County Divorce FAQ: As Orange County divorce attorneys we constantly receive the same questions from potential clients and current clients. Therefore we decided to make a list of the most popular questions and post an article to explain the law. Please note that many of the answers may not address your specific question; therefore, it may be best if you contact us so that we may address your particular question involving your California family law case.  Please call us at 714-971-8000 or use the online form to submit your question. Perhaps a free consultation will help better answer your questions.

Divorce Procedure FAQ:

What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference?

How to get a summary dissolution in California

How can I manage my anger during my divorce?

How can I Research a divorce attorney before I Decide to Hire?

Good ways on how to hire the best divorce lawyer

Do I need a divorce lawyer?

How Does Divorce Affect My Credit?

Child Custody FAQ:

Can you recommend a Parenting Plan Guideline?

What Are The Various Types Of Custody?

How Can Parental Rights Be Terminated In California?

Child Custody Holiday Schedule

What is a Move-away  Relocation

Ways to get custody of children

My ex-spouse disobeyed the custody order, now what happens?

Can I move away from California with my child?

How can I help my child cope with our divorce?

What is best a legal separation or a divorce?


Child Support FAQ:

Why am I facing a contempt of court action for not paying support?

How to reduce support payments now that I do not make as much?


Alimony – Spousal Support FAQ:

How will my temporary spousal support be determined?



Property Division FAQ:

Why should I write a will?

What is community property?

Can my high assets be protected?


Family Law FAQ:

What Is A Certified Family Law Specialist?

What is an ex parte?

Benefits of Hiring an Expert Divorce Lawyer

What Issues Arise in a Family Law matter?

Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce?

What are the Benefits of Marriage Counseling?

How Do I Request Temporary Orders?

What are limited scope & unbundled legal services?

What is a prenuptial agreement?


Domestic Violence FAQ:

How Do I Find a Good Domestic Violence Lawyer in Orange County?

How can I protect my child and self from abuse?

Who can file a restraining order?

What are the best ways to protect my family from domestic abuse?



Orange County Divorce FAQ

Orange County Divorce FAQ



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Attorneys For Orange County located near Lamoreaux Justice Center
5 Ways Of Choosing The Best Orange County Divorce Lawyer

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