Retain a Top Orange County Divorce Lawyer

Why hire a Top Orange County Divorce Lawyer?

If you are contemplating filing for a dissolution of marriage or you have initiated the dissolution procedure, it is probable that you have a hint of how complex the course of action will be. As a Top California Divorce Lawyer I understand there are grave matters that are entailed in a divorce and they are not issues that you want to take chances with. Regardless if you are going through an uncontested or contested dissolution one of the key points ought be to have the support of an expert in the field at your side.

Benefits of hiring a Top Orange County Divorce Lawyer

Retaining an attorney can come with an all-embracing list of advantages. One of the most significant incentives to obtain counsel is because you want to ensure you can to strengthen your likelihood of a positive outcome in matters of child custody, child support, spousal support; domestic violence etc. Once children are implicated in a dissolution case representation turns out to be even more significant; therefore, you do not want to let the absence of suitable representation to be the cause of unwarranted rulings by a judge.

In California, when you are dealing with dissolution a seasoned attorney will have the knowledge of dealing with a wide scope of family law issues, from paternity, child custody, alimony to domestic violence issues.

On behalf of those that are surprised when they are presented with documents or individuals that come to the conclusion that they are going to terminate their marriage; regardless of what side you are on, you may be hesitant and unsure of how to proceed. It is quite normal to experience uncertainty. A Los Angeles Divorce Attorney comprehends the stages and process you should undertake; for instance, how to accurately complete the documents, how to control the negotiations.

The goal of a Top Orange County Divorce Lawyer is to assist the client from start to finish and settle the case or obtain a favorable verdict for the client while always keeping the children’s best interests in mind. Counsel should be able to negotiate with opposing counsel by trying to reach a fair settlement, without trying to pad billable hours. Moreover, counsel should be skilled in family law in order to demonstrate to the opposing side that we are ready to litigate the case before the judge if needed. In other words, your Attorney cannot be afraid of going to court.

Bettina Yanez a Certified Family Law Specialist in California.  She has spent a myriad of hours before family law judges and commissioners in both Orange County and Los Angeles County.

It is a wealth of knowledge to know how judges and commissioners tend to rule. Face it, we are all creatures of habit and even though the goal of the court is to follow the law, Judges and commissioner make their rulings based on their individual interpretation of the law and embedded beliefs. In other words, if the same case was to be heard by different judges, chances are good that each outcome would differ.

Therefore, an experienced family law attorney holds an abundance of knowledge that can be advantageous in your case. Yes, knowledge is POWER! It is beneficial to have this understanding, since many persons settle for less than what they truly deserve. Do not settle for less!

Reasons You Need a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

1. A family law lawyer can assistance you and your family in ensuring that nothing is excluded from your divorce settlement. A piecemeal agreement can lead to complex legal glitches. All dissolutions of marriage are different. Everyone’s particular situations differ; for example, child custody matters, spousal support and complicated community property settlements. Your case may be comprised of child visitation plans, parenting time arrangements and other matters. A family law attorney safeguards that these issues are fully addressed.

2. A family lawyer can help you discuss your case without becoming emotional. With an impartial third party considering your best interest and the best interest of your children, you can rest assured that your agreement will echo your family’s best interest.

3. A family lawyer can assist you in comprehending the laws in California. At the Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates we are Family Law Experts in all California Family Law Matters. For instance, child custody, spousal support, child support, visitation, domestic violence and other matters. Through the knowledge of an expert divorce lawyer on your side, you can dodge making errors in your agreement because you misinterpreted California law.

Making the Choice to retain a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

An often over looked vital issue that many individuals skip are the online reviews and testimonials of the divorce lawyer. Our clients have provided us excellent reviews that display the quality of our legal services. Visit our AVVO and Google+ reviews to demonstrate the positive impact our firm had on them. You deserve a lawyer that is competent and one you have good chemistry with.

Together with the attorney you need to build a legal team that will best represent you and your family’s best interests. “Food for Thought” please! Ensure your family law & divorce attorney has experience with a proven track record in the related area of law. Do not allow your case to be their test case; in other words, “do not gamble with your life”.

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Before you hire any lawyer, please take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION. The consultation is a $375.00 to $450.00 value depending on the assigned attorney. To schedule your free consultation call now at 714-971-8000. You will be contacted with in 24 hours to schedule your in office or telephonic consultation.

My mission is to pursue a favorable outcome for our clients. Each client is significant to us and we understand that we must give 100% to their case in order to seek positive results for our clients that place their lives in our hands. Our firm was also given an A+ rating from the BBB®. Our attorneys have many years of California experience. For instance, Thomas Connor has been practicing law since 1971; Bettina Yanez since 2000.

Note we do not use the phrase, “combined experience…etc.” to try to depict the number of years our attorneys have been practicing.

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