10 good ways on how to hire the best divorce lawyer

How can I Research a divorce attorney before I Decide to Hire?
Do I need a divorce lawyer

This article will list my recommended, 10 good ways on how to hire the best divorce lawyer. You may have spent hours visiting websites conducting searches on, “how do I hire the best divorce lawyer?”. But after everything has been said and done, how do you know you found the right lawyer for your case?

Well I wish there was one easy way you were able to screen a family law firm and/or attorney. I am sure you have read or heard horror stories in the news of how attorneys took advantage of individuals.

To safeguard themselves and family from an unwarranted poor legal experience, you must perform your due-diligence.

What steps can I take to find the right divorce lawyer?

This article will attempt to guide you on how to proceed to select the right lawyer for your family law case.

1. Visit the California state bar site http://www.calbar.ca.gov/ to see if the attorney you are considering is in good standing. Once you find the attorney’s profile you will be able to view the “actions affecting eligibility to practice law”; for instance, any disciplinary and related actions and any administrative actions taken towards the attorney.

2. If you find yourself in court without legal representation and feel the legal process is over your head, request a continuance on your case and ask one of the bailiffs or clerks to recommend an excellent attorney. They are in the courtroom everyday with the judge. They know which attorneys have a good winning record; most important, they know which attorneys have a good reputation.

3. Use your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to help you narrow your search. You will be surprised how many leads you will receive.

4. Conduct a search for a particular attorney using the following format, “full-name reviews”. It will generate a list of sites that list reviews both happy and unhappy clients have submitted. Just bear in mind that some reviews can be bogus. Some sites allow anyone to post anything without any fact checking. So reviews will praise an attorney to no end, while others will post crude and untrue information. Therefore, you should cross check the reviews in order to obtain a fair balance.

5. Another great source to ask is your religious leaders. They consult individuals everyday that are dealing with family law issues. They usually have the inside story or can suggest you speak with one of the members that had great success with a law firm.

6. YouTube is a great way to find an attorney. There you will be able to see how the attorney conducts himself or herself while under pressure to perform.

7. Experience matters! Do not just hire the first attorney you interview. Do your due diligence by asking them the number of years they have been practicing family law. The number of cases they have handled. Most important, their trial experience. Many attorneys try to avoid trial at all expense. You will be surprised how many attorneys get stage fright in front of a judge. Some attorneys will even sub-out of a case just to avoid having to go to trial. Trial should only be the last resort, but you need to be sure your attorney is prepared to go to trial if you were unable to reach a settlement.

8. One-way to increase your chance of ensuring you are finding a good attorney is to interview a “Certified Family Law Specialist”. In most cases they are the cream of the crop when it comes to family law representation. They are considered experts in the family law field. Think about it would you go to a plastic surgeon for a heart transplant? Every profession has its experts; the legal field is no different. It is not to say that you should not hire a second year attorney. They may be outstanding; however, ensure a seasoned family law attorney is mentoring them in one-way or another.

10 good ways on how to hire the best divorce lawyer

10 good ways on how to hire the best divorce lawyer
by Bettina Yanez

9. Avvo.com is a site that tailors to the legal field. It lists many attorneys within their particular area of practice and communities. It rates the attorneys based on the reviews they a have received. Moreover, it gives you a chance to see how they responded to certain legal questions posed.

10. The “BBB Business Review” or the BCA “Business Consumer Alliance” will provide you with a business rating for the law firm in question. Further, they also provide reviews that will assist you in hiring the best divorce lawyer for your case.

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How can I Research a divorce attorney before I Decide to Hire?
Do I need a divorce lawyer

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