Facts About Medical Malpractice

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What Are the Main Malpractices That Occur in Dentistry?

In medical, the term ‘malpractice’ is of keen interest as it refers to the professional negligence, improper or injurious practice, unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment of your healthcare provider. Incidents of this sort arises a plenty of queries, How to distinguish if your healthcare provider has been negligent in his duty? How to seek a help of an attorney? Evidences required proving if an injury has really been occurred?

Medical Standard of Health

The law is of great importance in order to establish the negligence of a health care provider.
It is defined as the standard of care you would have received by a skilled health care professional under the similar circumstances in the same health community. Any violation from the standards of care may lead to ostensible malpractice.

Injury Causing Sustainable Damage

Injury occurring to the victim due to negligence of a health care provider which resulted in a sustainable damage is an essential tool in claiming a lawsuit against your health care provider.
In order to file a suit, the victim must show the kind of damage caused by an injury likewise
General Damages: Any physical pain or mental disturbances.
Unable to enjoy life’s pleasures
disfigurement or disability
Special Damages: Due to loss of earning capacity and past earnings patient’s financial status has been compensated.
Punitive Damages: Willful malicious misconduct which has caused or contributed to the damage sustained by a victim.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

  • Incapable of making proper diagnosis, or misdiagnosis.
  • Not conducting necessary laboratory tests, or misinterpreting a report.
  • Surgery done at the wrong site.
  • Surgical errors.
  • Improper dosage or medication.
  • Insufficient patient’s history or not taking history at all.
  • Performing surgery which in not needed.
  • Lack of proper testing.


Facts about Medical Malpractice

Some mind boggling facts one must know about medical negligence, This is a 3rd leading cause of death in US 80,000 to 100.000 deaths are reported in US annually due to misdiagnosis Malpractice leads to stress and depression in medical health providers. Legal Elements require to proof professional negligence.

  • Breach in a duty of a health care provider.
  • Injury has occurred to the victim due to the breach of duty.
  • Injury has caused sustainable damage to the victim.

Health care provider has violated the medical standard of care In order to substantiate your injury you need an expert witness. There are certain limitations of time to file a malpractice lawsuit.

Significant Role of Percy Martinez Law Firm

Suffering an injury can lead to a lifelong shock, Stress or depression. If you have fell a victim to medical negligence or you believe any of your family member does , which has led to the compensation of your physical and mental health, or received a serious injury, it’s time for you to hire an attorney at Percy Martinez law firm. It has the best personal injury lawyers and shows the utmost concern to your losses and helps you get compensated and attain justice.

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Domestic Violence Lawyer | Orange County Divorce Attorney
What Are the Main Malpractices That Occur in Dentistry?

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