What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Law?

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Below will be some common questions that people tend to ask involving personal injury attorneys:

Question: When can a person tell that they have a personal injury case?

Answer: Before a person can establish whether they have a personal injury case, the most obvious thing that needs to happen is enduring an injury. Once a person has suffered an injury, they need to determine whether their injury was caused by another person’s reckless or negligent actions. After a guilty party has been named, they need to determine whether their injury caused them damages. There are personal injury cases that will not display any visible injuries like sexual assault. In those cases, the victim would not have to show physical harm but show that some type of harm came their way like emotional distress.

Question: When should I file my personal injury lawsuit?

Answer: This answer varies depending on what type of personal injury lawsuit is being filed (product liability, car accident, etc.), and the state in which the accident took place. The deadline a person has to file a claim is known as “statute of limitations”. It is very important to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer so that the victim does not miss the deadline for filing their claim. If the victim does miss their deadline, they will lose their legal right to file the lawsuit in the future. Because the deadline for a case is so important, the victim should become knowledgeable of the statute of limitations for their specific injury and state.

Question: What will I need to bring when I meet with my lawyer?

Answer: A lawyer might specify to their client what it is that they should bring to them. The most common things that a claimant should bring to their lawyer is physical evidence. Important physical evidence includes medical reports, police reports, witness statements, medical bills, pictures or recordings of the location of the accident and injury. The most evidence that the client can bring to their lawyer, the better it will serve their case. Any little piece of evidence will benefit the case of a victim. If the victim does not have nay documentation at the time that they meet with their lawyer, they do not need to worry because the lawyer will take charge of acquiring all the required documents.

Question: Will the guilty person be punished for the injuries they caused me?

Answer: Typically, with civil cases, the defendant is not punished. They do not receive jail sentences or fines. The only punishment that a defendant might be able to receive is “punitive damages”. Which is a way that the courts “punish” the defendant for their reckless actions. This will possibly deter the defendant from committing the same type mistake again.


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What Are the Main Malpractices That Occur in Dentistry?
How Do I File a Medical Malpractice Claim?

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