Uber/Lyft Accident Insurance Tactics

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Enduring any type of accident can be a traumatizing experience for any person. This accident can haunt them for the rest of their lives, and even make them fear ever going into a vehicle again. When someone gets injured because of another’s negligence, they need to me recompensed for all their damages. Whether it was a passenger in the car or another driver that got into an accident with Uber or Lyft, they have a legal obligation to pay for any damages if the fault can be showed.

Insurance companies are in it for the profit. The less they can pay, the better. They will never want to pay the full amount caused by the driver’s negligence, and will sometimes even claim how those drivers are not employees, but merely independent contractors. They will try every way possible to avoid liability by tricking the injured party. Some tricks these insurance companies will use are the following:

• The insurance companies will attempt to contact the injured person and try to use their words against them. They will ask questions such as, “Are you in pain?”, How are you feeling?”, and the answers given by the injured person might not really be how they are feeling at that moment due to shock or delayed injury. Remember, some injuries do not appear right after an accident, they can take up to weeks to appear. They will be recording the injured person’s answers and use it against them when they try to claim. It is best to avoid dealing with insurance companies alone. They try to use every trick in the book.

• There is a time gap that an injured person has in filing a personal injury claim. The insurance companies know that most people are unaware of this, and really do not know anything about the insurance industry. They will use this to their advantage by lying to the victim how much time they have to file the claim.

• Insurance companies will contact the victim and try to settle the matter after the accident happened. They will have a victim sign a release form saying that they accepted a certain amount of money and give up their right to file a claim against them. By doing so, the victim gives up their right to ever sue the rideshare company when they could have gotten much more for their damages, had they done it with a personal injury lawyer. The injured person may fall a victim of an insurance company’s deceitfulness because they are desperate for the money.

• When property damages have been sustained, the insurance companies will tell victims where to go to receive an estimate on how much their damages will cost. These shops will not give the legit estimate, but rather a lower estimate of what the true damages are. The injured person will receive a low recovery for their damages


Don’t Get Tricked

No victim should let an insurance company play anyone for a fool. An injured person will receive more than triple of their recovery by hiring a personal injury attorney , than by settling with the insurance company.



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