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Do I Need a Child Custody Lawyer in Orange County?

Many people going through a divorce or separation hesitate to seek out their own legal representation.

Everyone has their own reasons. Perhaps they don’t want to take an offensive position. Maybe they expect all parties to remain civil and don’t see a need to hire a child custody lawyer in Orange County. Or maybe they just can’t afford the extra expense.

Some people view seeking child custody lawyers in Orange County as an offensive maneuver. However, hiring a custody lawyer is actually a defensive tool to protect yourself and your children.

During a custody case, it’s important to fully understand your rights as well as California state law. Most law firms offer free consultations, so it can’t hurt to go over your case with a child custody lawyer in Orange County.

Do I need a child custody lawyer in Orange County?

Child custody lawyers in Orange County understand court communication.

Many clients understand their own cases very well and enter the courtroom alone with confidence. They present all the facts, yet somehow, the courts don’t rule in their favor.


Child custody lawyers in Orange County understand how courts communicate. They understand how to present the facts in a way the court and judge will find pleasing. What you find important and what your judge finds important could be two totally different things.

Attorneys have built professional relationships with the local court system as well as other lawyers. They walk into a court room with background knowledge of each person in it because they work with the courts on a daily basis. Many judges may be putt-off by a client’s over confidence if they show up to court without representation.

Everyone feels uncomfortable and awkward on their first day of work. Entering a courtroom without a lawyer when your life is on the line multiplies this feeling by 100. Even meeting a custody lawyer for legal advice is better than nothing.

Lawyers are prepared to work out all the details.

There are two main types of custody: legal and physical. The parent with legal custody is responsible for making important decisions in the child’s life concerning school, health, and even religion. Physical custody refers to where the child lives.

In addition to the two types mentioned, parents may be granted either sole or joint custody. During sole custody, one parent is responsible for the child’s decisions while with joint custody both parents share authority. The courts in California typically opt for joint custody unless one parent poses a significant risk to the child or unstable living environment.

Joint custody has many benefits because both parents remain equally involved in the child’s life. As you can imagine, however, this type of custody also poses many obstacles.

How will you navigate a holiday schedules? What if parents disagree on important decisions like school?

Custody lawyers in Orange County have been through it all before. They know what to expect and they’re prepared to deal with all the challenges.

Child custody lawyers in Orange County have child support experience.

According to California state law, both parents must financially support their children. The courts have a specific method for determining each parent’s contribution. They consider many factors including income, potential income, savings, and amount of time spent with the child.

Having your entire life scrutinized in a court room can be intimidating to say the least. What if the judge orders you to pay more than you can afford? What if you receive less support than your child needs? What if your financial situation changes?

Lawyers have experience analyzing these cases so they know where to dig for the facts you need. They already know what the courts look for so they can help you get your documents in order. Lawyers can also help you understand your case so you aren’t caught off-guard by any outcome.

What if the unexpected happens?

You might thing you have a fool proof plan. Maybe you and your former partner have an agreement you’ve worked out in private. Everything seems fine until you show up in court to find your partner with legal representation and an entirely new custody agreement. Make sure you have an experienced child custody attorney in Orange County you can call.

Many marriages and domestic partnerships become messy before divorce or separation becomes an option. Are you prepared to deal with abuse accusations in a court room? Despite possibly being untrue, an abuse allegation could severely restrict or limit access to your children.

What if your former spouse stops paying support down the road? Will you save all the details and documents from your case? If you or former partner plan to move or travel for work this could also affect your case down the road.

The court recommends updating custody cases every two or three years to best fit the child’s needs. Are you prepared to deal with the courts for nearly two decades on your own?

An experienced custody lawyer knows how to deal with all of these situations before they happen. They are prepared to tackle abuse allegations. They also know all your options should your financial situation change.

Meet with a child custody lawyer in Orange County today.

Take a proactive approach.

The best thing to do before any custody case is arm yourself with knowledge. You need to understand your parental rights and how they apply to your specific case. Remember: every case is unique. What happened to one of your friends might not relate to your situation.

Give us a call at Yanez & Associates. We offer free consultations so there’s no risk. Contact us 24/7 to schedule a meeting at 714-971-8000.

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Divorce Attorney | Orange County Divorce Attorney
Custody Attorney, Child Custody Attorneys | Orange County Divorce

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