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When a family law judge for Orange County, California is determining child visitation many factors will need to be considered. The judge will evaluate both parents and determine whether supervised, or unsupervised visitation should be granted.

A judge will ultimately decide what is in the child’s best interest when formulating a child visitation schedule. If the judge feels the children’s safety is of concern, then supervised visitation will be ordered. Supervised visitations will entail that each time the mother or father visits with the child another individual will be present monitoring the visitation. The monitoring can be provided by either the opposing party, another individual, or an individual appointed by the court.

In contrast, unsupervised visitation does not require the parties to be monitored during their visitation with the children. Unsupervised visitation is given to the party with whom the minor child does not reside with or in a shared visitation schedule both parents may have unsupervised visitation with their children.

When formulating child visitation plans it is important that the order be specific and detailed. The more specific the order, the lower the chance that conflict may occur. In the event conflict does occur, a specific and detailed order is one that is easier to enforce by police if needed.  Some families arrange child visitation by implementing an every other week plan. Additionally, the visitation order should state the time for the pick-up and drop off, as well as the location.

Moreover, sometimes when determining child visitation is it is possible for the judge to grant no visitation to the parties. This occurs in severe situations where one of the parties could cause emotionally, or physically harm to the children.

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Child Visitation Lawyers Orange County | Find a Visitation Attorney

Child Visitation Lawyers Orange County | Find a Visitation Attorney
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