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What can I do to stop Elder Abuse?: As an Elder Abuse attorney in Orange County I am often asked what can be done to stop elder abuse. This video will try to explain what you can do if you are a victim of elder abuse or how to assist if someone you know is being victimized.

Elder abuse can be financial abuse. A relative or caretaker may be helping themselves to your finances. The abuse can also be mental, physical, emotional or can be in the form of neglect or isolation by a relative or caregiver against a person aged 65 or older or against a dependent adult age 18- 64. In addition to the actions listed above elder abuse can be withholding of food and/or needed services. If you or someone you know is a victim of elder or dependent abuse call 911 if it is life threatening. If it is not life threatening, you can report the abuse to the Adult Protective Services Agency in your area. If you suspect abuse or neglect of an elder at a licensed care facility then you need to report the abuse to the California Attorney General’s hotline at 1-800-722-0432.

If an elder person is unable to request assistance for themselves it may be necessary that a conservator, trustee, attorney in fact, or guardian ad litem file on their behalf.

A restraining order can be obtained from the Superior Court in the area where the abuser resides or in the county where the abuse is taking place by providing written or telephonic notice and filing a Request for Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order form EA-100, complete the confidential CLETS information form CLETS-001.

Elder Abuse attorney in Orange County | Orange County Elder Law Lawyer

Elder Abuse attorney in Orange County | Orange County Elder Law Lawyer
Bettina Yanez

There is no fee for filing. If the temporary restraining order is issued the person that is bothering or abusing you can be ordered to vacate the home and to stay away from the elder or dependent adult. The temporary restraining order can be served on the Restrained Person without charge by the local Sheriff. A hearing will be set within 21 days.

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