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Custody of Pets in divorce - Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce?
Dissolution of Marriage Orange County Lawyer

When it comes to a “dissolution of marriage” divorce in California or other family law issues, many individuals have the same question,
How Do I Start the Divorce Process?

At Yanez & Associates we recognize that the divorce process can be difficult and frustrating at times especially with complex cases that involve child custody and property division matters.

Through our videos and website our goal is to educate you in order to protect your legal rights. At the Family Law offices of Yanez & Associates we believe that knowledge is power and that the more our clients understand the legal process during these trying times, the better we are able to formulate a workable game plan with our clients.

Divorce and Legal Separation Steps in Orange County California

Divorce Attorneys – Legal Documents – Consultation – Costs

Step 1: Seek the Best Divorce Attorneys when looking to hire an Orange County family law attorney, it is vital that the attorney possesses the following:

◦ It is important that your divorce lawyer’s main area of practice is family law. Moreover a Certified Family Law Specialist is your best choice because they possess an advanced understanding of family law for they have endured extensive examinations and met the demanding experience requirements set by the State Bar of California.

◦ You need a caring Orange County Family Lawyer that makes your children’s best interest paramount.

◦ Hire a divorce lawyer you can communicate with and is known for working well with clients. You do not want an attorney that is not compatible with your personality.

◦ Look for a Certified Family Law Specialist that offers a free consultation. A good consultation should deliver sound legal advice whether you choose to retain or not.

Step 2: Gather Your Documents in order to make the most out of your free consultation with your family law attorney. Make sure you bring all your documents to your consultation. Being organized and having a timeline of the case will help the attorney better grasp the issues. Keeping a journal of events helps greatly when trying to build a case.

◦ When meeting your attorney, bring all supporting documents. For instance, if you were served with legal documents, photos, letters…etc., bring those documents to the consultation.

◦ For post-judgment matters, bring your judgment for dissolution, settlement agreement, and any existing post divorce court orders.

◦ If spousal support and child support are involved, gather current paystubs, tax returns, and other financial records.

◦ After your free consultation you should walk away with a thorough understanding of your legal choices and remedies in order to make knowledgeable decisions as to how to progress with your case.

Step 3: Retainer Agreements attorney. A retainer agreement is a legal contract that creates an attorney-client relationship. A retainer agreement is needed, along with an initial retainer fee, before a family law attorney can begin work on your case.

We are happy to assist anyone looking for an Anaheim Divorce attorney

Anaheim Divorce Attorney

Anaheim Divorce Attorney
Bettina Yanez

If you are ready to take the next steps toward retaining one of the best divorce attorney in Orange County CA, contact us now. For additional information regarding divorce and family law, please call Yanez & Associates at 714-971-8000, for your free initial consultation. We look forward to assisting you with your family law matter.

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Custody of Pets in divorce - Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce?
Dissolution of Marriage Orange County Lawyer

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