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Below is a list of some of the areas of practice our law firm focuses on.  Here at Yanez & Associates, we recognize that legal issues are conceivably one of the greatest thought-provoking life issues you possibly will encounter. The consequence of a case will have an everlasting effect on your children, livelihood and family for years. Whether by expert dialogue or trial, we provide the best legal services for our clients for all family law issues in California you may be facing.  If you do not see an area of practice on the list below, please feel free to call and inquire, if we do not practice in the area you seek we will be happy to direct you in the right direction.

Our Top Orange County Attorneys Areas Of Practice

Adoption attorneys in Orange County California


OC Adoption Lawyers Adoption -there are various types 1.     Stepparent 2.     Independent 3.     Agency 4.     Adult A Stepparent Adoption is when one of the biological parents has remarried and the new spouse wishes to adopt the child from a previous relationship. In a Stepparent Adoption first try to obtain the consent of the biological parents this will facilitate the adoption process.  If there is consent… Read More

Orange County Annulment Attorney


Annulment Lawyers for Orange County & Los Angeles An annulment or “nullity of marriage” or “nullity of domestic partnership is a court process by which your marriage or domestic partnership is found not to be valid for certain reasons which are discussed below. Once your annulment is granted it is like you were ever married or in a domestic partnership… Read More

Orange County Community Property Attorney

Community Property

Asset Division in Divorce in California During the marriage or registered domestic partnership assets and debts are often acquired by the parties.  Assets and debts that are acquired during the marriage are labeled community property. The Family code calls for an equal division of the community property assets and debts.  The parties are free to enter into an amicable agreement… Read More

Orange County Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody

Expert and focused Custody Lawyers CA We have experienced Orange County Attorneys. Protect your children’s rights with legal defense of a Custody Lawyer. The custody lawyers have been serving the communities of Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties with child custody issues since 2000.  Our firm is staffed with skillful,… Read More

Child Support Attorneys in Orange County CA

Child Support

Child support Los Angeles & Orange County Child support in California may vary from the laws of other states. It is important to be aware of the laws regarding support in the state you reside in. It is important that if there are children involved you speak to a legal professional regarding the rights you and your child have. Both… Read More

Child Visitation Lawyers Orange County

Child Visitation

Find a Visitation Attorney in Orange County & Los Angeles When a family law judge in California is determining child visitation many factors will need to be considered. The judge will evaluate both parents and determine whether supervised, or unsupervised visitation should be granted. A judge will ultimately decide what is in the best interest when formulating a… Read More

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys Orange County

Collaborative Divorce

Top California Collaborative Dissolution Attorneys Collaborative divorce is another means for parties to end their marriage in a respectful Dispute resolution process, with open communication and with the assistance of experienced professionals such as accountants, child therapists and dissolution coaches. Each party’s counsel and these professionals will work with the parties in order to reach an agreement without the need… Read More

Orange County Contempt of Court Orders Attorney

Contempt of Court Orders

Los Angeles & OC Contempt Action Orange County contempt of court orders counsel states, in California, pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure §§ 1218 & 1219, a contempt action can be brought against a party to an action if there is a valid court order, if the party against whom the contempt is brought was served or had personal… Read More

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense

The Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Connor, handles criminal defense matters in all of Los Angeles and Orange County.  Attorney Connor is a well seasoned criminal defense lawyer with over 40 years of trial experience…. Read More

Orange County Divorce Attorney


Free Consultation in Orange County is one of many phrases used to locate a family law firm when parties are contemplating ending their marriage. How can an attorney in California, help me with my divorce matter is a question we are frequently asked. At the Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates our skilled legal team.. Read More

Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney

Divorce Mediation

Family Law Counsel for Divorce Mediation An Orange County Mediation Attorney can be a less stressful event than a traditional divorce when the parties are respectful to each other and are willing to compromise.  Mediation is designed to be administered by a skillful mediator in order to help the parties save money and assist them in reaching… Read More

Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorneys in Orange County California

Domestic Partnership Dissolution

Domestic Partnership Dissolution – I am sometimes asked about the roll of Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorneys in California in particular, “what is the process”.  My answer is usually, well that depends on the facts of your particular situation.  Domestic partnerships can be dissolved in one of two ways.  Domestic Partnerships can either be terminated by filing a notice… Read More

Orange County Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence

Restraining Order for Domestic Violence in California What is Domestic violence?: The Domestic Violence Attorney explains that it is a form of conduct that is often described as battery, family violence, spousal abuse that occurs when there is a relationship between the aggressor and the victim. The relationship can be a dating relationship, a domestic partnership, marriage or violence… Read More

Elder Abuse attorney in Orange County

Elder Abuse

Elder Law Lawyer What can I do to stop Elder Abuse?: As an Elder Abuse attorney I am often asked what can be done to stop elder abuse. This video will try to explain what you can do if you are a victim of elder abuse or how to assist if someone you know is being victimized…. Read More

Orange County Estate Planning & Probate Attorney

Estate Planning & Probate

Probate Lawyer & Estate Planning How can Estate Planning and Probate help me?: The Estate Planning Attorney explains as follows, through an Estate plan you can put your affairs in order while living by determining how you want your estate handled upon your death. What is an estate? An estate is comprised of personal possessions and real property such… Read More

High Asset Divorce Attorney in Orange County CA

High Asset Divorce – Executive

Executive Divorce counsel in California What is an Executive Divorce?: The High Asset Dissolution Attorney states the following, this is a term you may be familiar with if you, or your spouse are working professionals. An example of when an executive dissolution may be needed is if one, or both of you work in a profession where you… Read More

Fathers Rights Attorney in Orange County CA

Father’s Rights

Do not hire a Fathers Rights Attorney just because he is a male, you need a woman’s point of view to balance  your case What are a Father’s Rights When Divorcing?: The Fathers Rights counsel in Orange County explains it is important to consider the question what are a father’s rights when divorcing? It is commonly believed that society, or… Read More

Grandparents Visitation Rights Attorney in Orange County California

Grandparents Visitation Rights

Grandparent visitation and custody rights in California Child Custody Visitation Rights: The Grandparents Visitation Rights Attorney explains the following question, ”Do grandparents have rights to visitation in California?“ That depends on whether the parents are married and if there is a strong bond that can be shown between grandchildren and grandparents. Under the California Family Code, Section 3103, “The… Read More

Guardian ad litem attorney in Orange County

Guardian ad Litem

California Guardian ad litem Lawyer for all of Orange & Los Angeles County The Guardian ad litem attorney in Orange County explains, “What is a Guardian Ad Litem?” – A guardian ad litem can be appointed by the court to represent the best interest of children in personal injury, Juvenile, family law matters and probate matters.  In a personal injury matter… Read More

Guardianship Lawyer in Orange County


Great information from a Guardianship Lawyer What is a guardianship in California? The Guardianship Lawyer in Orange County states: The term guardianship refers to the legal proceeding where an individual obtains the legal rights of a parent for a minor. A guardianship is not the same as an adoption. An adoption is where an individual seeks to obtain the legal and physical… Read More

Orange County International Child Custody Attorney

International Child Custody

Top Custody Lawyers for International Custody Disputes If you are looking to find an International child custody attorney in Orange County CA who assists with international child custody disputes, it is important to use due diligence while researching in your area. Coping with divorce and the issues associated with divorce is often difficult for the parents, as well as the children. Custody issues… Read More

Juvenile Defense Attorney in Orange County California

Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Crime Lawyer – If you are seeking a Juvenile Defense attorney in Orange County California and wondering, what are the differences between juvenile defense and adult defense, it is important to understand what the dissimilarities are in the court system? A few examples of how juvenile defense differs from adult defense are that juveniles… Read More

Orange County Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

Juvenile Dependency

Experienced Juvenile Dependency Attorneys in Orange County California Juvenile Dependency proceedings in Orange County California are heard at the Orange County Superior Juvenile Court at Lamoreaux Justice Center.  The Juvenile Dependency Attorney explains that a Juvenile Dependency matter starts when either protective services or law enforcement places the children in protective custody because of abuse or… Read More

Los Angeles and Orange County Legal Separation Attorney

Legal Separation

Divorce vs Legal Separation in California The Legal separation attorney states that a divorce in California is not the only way one can terminate their marriage. A legal separation is another possibility to a dissolution of marriage in California, but keeps the parties married in name. This is ideal for parties that do not wish to terminate… Read More

Unbundled Legal Services & Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation & Unbundled Legal Services

Limited Scope Attorney & Unbundled Legal Services – If you are looking for Unbundled Legal Services in Orange County CA or Los Angeles, at the Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, our law firm offers legal options that can help families make legal services more affordable. Through our Unbundled Legal Services & Limited Scope Representation services,… Read More

Minor’s Counsel in Orange County California

Minor’s Counsel

What is California Minor’s Counsel? What is minor’s counsel? The expert Minor’s Counsel in Orange County California Bettina Yanez explains. Minor’s counsel is a court appointed attorney for children. Minor’s Counsel is used in high conflict Family Law Cases to assist the court in gathering facts that are relevant to custody and visitation issues. The governing law on the appointment… Read More

Top Attorneys for Modification of Orders in Orange County CA

Modification of Orders

Modification of Orders Lawyers for California If you are asking the question, how can I modify my custody orders, spousal support orders, or visitation orders, it is important to consult with Top Attorneys for Modification of Orders. The modification of orders will need to be heard in family court in front of a family law judge…. Read More

California Name Change Lawyer in Orange County

Name Change

Name Change legal service helping clients in Orange and Los Angeles County Bettina Yanez a California Name Change Lawyer outlines how a name change for an adult can be obtained: One way is by filing a Petition for a Name Change.  This procedure usually takes about three (3) months if all steps are completed in the proper fashion. … Read More

Move Away Lawyer for Child Custody Orange County

Move-Aways & Relocations

Relocation & Move Away legal service – The Move Away Lawyer for Child Custody explains, often parents ask if they have a right to relocate or “move away” with the minor children. The answer depends on whether there are current custody and visitation orders in place.  “Move away” cases can be costly… Read More

Paternity Attorneys in Orange County CA


Top California Paternity Lawyer – In Paternity actions, the parties are not married to one another and the court will make orders that establish the parental relationship of the mother or father to the child. The Paternity Attorney states that one way to establish a  parental relationship is by signing a declaration… Read More

CA Post divorce lawyer for spousal support and child support disputes

Post divorce spousal support & child support disputes

Legal service for disputes over Spousal Support and Child Support in Los Angeles and Orange County Conflict and Disagreements after Divorce is common; therefore, a Post divorce lawyer  is usually needed. What types of Post Disputes may arise? Although you may have resolved many, or most issues that can arise when divorcing your partner, this does not… Read More

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Orange County CA

Prenuptial Agreement

Do you  need a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer ? A prenuptual or prenuptial agreement are governed by California Family Code sections 1610-1617. Bettina Yanez a Prenuptial Agreement Attorney states that a premarital agreement is an agreement made between future spouses with marriage in mind that takes effect upon marriage. In order for a premarital agreement to be enforceable the… Read More

Restraining Orders Domestic Violence Attorney in Orange County CA

Restraining Orders – Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence and How Do I obtain a Restraining Order – Protective Order? Restraining orders Domestic Violence Attorney explains, in order to obtain a domestic violence restraining order protective order in a family law court the party seeking the order must first show that there is a relationship between the victim and the perpetrator. The California Family… Read More

Orange County Spousal Support Attorney - alimony lawyer

Spousal Support – Alimony

California Alimony Legal Team helping Spouses – What is Spousal support? How is spousal support defined in California family law? The  Spousal Support Attorney explains that the terms “spousal support” and “alimony” are used interchangeably. These terms are used to describe payments that are paid by one spouse to the other. A judge will determine the… Read More

Termination of parental rights attorney in Orange County California

Termination of Parental Rights

How can Parental Rights be terminated in California? How can Parental Rights be terminated in California? The termination of parental rights, Bettina Yanez explains this typically occurs if the children are being adopted. If a termination of parental rights occurs this means that the original parent will no longer have any legal rights to the… Read More


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