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Orange County Annulment Attorney

Annulment Lawyers for Orange County & Los Angeles

An annulment or “nullity of marriage” or “nullity of domestic partnership is a court process by which your marriage or domestic partnership is found not to be valid for certain reasons which are discussed below.

Once your annulment is granted it is like you were ever married or in a domestic partnership because...

Adoption attorneys in Orange County California

OC Adoption Lawyers

Adoption -there are various types

1. Stepparent

2. Independent

3. Agency

4. Adult

A Stepparent Adoption is when one of the biological parents has remarried and the new spouse wishes to adopt the child from a previous relationship.

In a Stepparent Adoption first try to obtain the consent of the biological parents this will facilitate...

Termination of parental rights attorney in Orange County California

How can Parental Rights be terminated in California?

How can Parental Rights be terminated in California? The termination of parental rights attorney in Orange County CA Bettina Yanez explains this typically occurs if the child or children are being adopted. If a termination of parental rights occurs this means that the original parent will no longer have any legal rights to the child.

There are...

Orange County Spousal Support Attorney

California Alimony Attorneys helping Spouses in Orange and Los Angeles Counties

What is Spousal support? How is spousal support defined in California family law? The Orange County Spousal Support Attorney explains that the terms "spousal support" and "alimony" are used interchangeably. These terms are used to describe payments that are paid by one spouse to the other. A judge will determine the amount of spousal support...

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys Orange County

Top California Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

Collaborative divorce is another means for parties to end their marriage in a respectful Dispute resolution process, with open communication and with the assistance of experienced professionals such as accountants, child therapists and divorce coaches.

Each party’s attorney and these professionals will work with the parties in order to reach an agreement without the need of...

Orange County Contempt of Court Orders Attorney

Los Angeles & OC Contempt Action

Orange County contempt of court orders Attorney states, in California, pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure §§ 1218 & 1219, a contempt action can be brought against a party to an action if there is a valid court order, if the party against whom the contempt is brought was served or had personal knowledge of...

Orange County Divorce Attorney

Free Consultation Divorce Attorney

Orange County Divorce Attorney, is one of many phrases used to locate a family law firm when parties are contemplating ending their marriage.

How can a divorce attorney in Orange County California, help me with my divorce matter is a question we are frequently asked. At the Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates our skilled attorneys can...

Divorce Mediation Orange County CA | OC Divorce Mediation

Family Law Attorney in Orange County CA for Divorce Mediation

An Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney can be a less stressful event than a traditional divorce when the parties are respectful to each other and are willing to compromise.  Divorce mediation is designed to be administered by a skillful mediator in order to help the parties save money and assist them in reaching an amicable...

Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorneys in Orange County California

Orange County Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorney

I am sometimes asked about the roll of Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorneys in Orange County California in particular, "what is the process".  My answer is usually, well that depends on the facts of your particular situation.  Domestic partnerships can be dissolved in one of two ways.  Domestic Partnerships can either be terminated by filing a notice of termination with the...

Newport Beach Divorce Attorneys

Divorce Counsel for Newport Beach CA

If you are searching for a Newport Beach divorce attorneys consider interviewing the Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, the firm is considered one of Orange County’s Best Divorce Firms. The firm obtains many referrals through word of mouth, especially right after a hearing where individuals will seek out Attorney Yanez in order to request...