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Certified family law specialist in Orange County CA

What is a Certified Family Law Specialist?

When deciding which family law attorney to hire, consider a Certified family law specialist in Orange County CA. But first, What is a Certified Family Law Specialist?  The Certified Family Law Specialist recognition is a prestigious honor that is awarded to attorneys with specialized knowledge and expertise. These attorneys have knowledge and exceptional skill in handling...

How to get a summary dissolution in California

A frequent question I am asked is, How to get a summary dissolution in California

A summary dissolution is the easiest way of terminating a divorce in California. However you must meet the requirements before you file a joint petition for a summary dissolution.

The State of California requires that one of the parties be a resident of California for 6 months and resident...

Best Divorce Attorney in Orange County CA

Best Divorce Attorney in Orange County CA

Now you can ask the Best Divorce Attorney in Orange County CA a question on this family law and divorce website. The expert divorce attorney Bettina Yanez will reply within 24 hours. Further the reply will be posted on this site for other viewers to read and learn more about family law and the process involved.

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Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys

Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys experienced in High-Conflict Family Law cases

A Top Family Law firm devoted to settling demanding California cases

Attorney Bettina Yanez established her firm in Southern California in 2000. Mainly focusing on the Family Law matters for the communities of Orange County and Los Angeles County. Her Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys at Law, concentrate and assist families with resolving their...

Garden Grove Divorce Attorneys

Divorce Counsel for Garden Grove CA

When you are going through a divorce you will face many unknowns; however the good news is that your uncertainties can be addressed and put to rest with the counsel of an accomplished Garden Grove divorce Attorneys.

At The Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates, a respectable law firm, we can deliver an excellent...

Restraining Orders Domestic Violence Attorney in Orange County CA

What is Domestic Violence and How Do I obtain a Restraining Order - Protective Order?

Restraining orders Domestic Violence Attorney in Orange County explains, in order to obtain a domestic violence restraining order protective order in a family law court the party seeking the order must first show that there is a relationship between the victim and the perpetrator. The California Family Code §6211 defines domestic...

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Orange County CA

Do you  need a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Orange County?

A prenuptual or prenuptial agreement are governed by California Family Code sections 1610-1617.

Bettina Yanez a Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Orange County states that a premarital agreement is an agreement made between future spouses with marriage in mind that takes effect upon marriage.

In order for a premarital agreement to be enforceable the parties must...

CA Post divorce lawyer for spousal support and child support disputes

Attorney for disputes over Spousal Support and Child Support in Los Angeles and Orange County

Conflict and Disagreements after Divorce is common; therefore, a Post divorce lawyer in Orange County California is usually needed.

What types of Post Divorce Disputes may arise? Although you may have resolved many, or most issues that can arise when divorcing your partner, this does not mean that future issues cannot,...

Orange County Paternity Lawyer for Paternity Law Services

Top California Paternity Lawyer for Los Angeles and Orange County Cases

In Paternity actions, the parties are not married to one another and the court will make orders that establish the parental relationship of the mother or father to the child. The Paternity Attorney in Orange County CA states that one way to establish a  parental relationship is by signing a declaration of Paternity at the...

Move Away Lawyer for Child Custody Orange County

Relocation & Move Away Attorneys for Orange County & Los Angeles CA

The Move Away Lawyer for Child Custody in Orange County explains, often parents ask if they have a right to relocate or “move away” with the minor children. The answer depends on whether there are current custody and visitation orders in place.  “Move away” cases can be costly for the...